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Traditional bathtub design over the years had a sturdy metal tub along with the surround made with either a ceramic or plastic tiles. Multiple potential leak points exist. Grout and seam material would do one or all of the following: disintegrate, mold, attract dirt, or leak. To fight these problems you would need to re-grout, scrub grout, paint grout, or start over again by removing and replacing.

A clean lifetime fix to this is the use of Acrylic liners.  The tub is photographed and measured.  A custom sized liner and wall surround are then procured from our NAHB approved manufacturer.  The tub is kept in place, enough materials are removed to install new state of the art plumbing fixtures and address any structural deficiencies.

Installation takes place. The final wall preparation takes place using durable permanent adhesive materials.  Check out the gallery of the final project.
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