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A tubliner is a new bathtub custom-made to fit perfectly over an existing tub. It is manufactured using a sheet of co-extruded DR/ABS (Durable Rubber Acrylic/Acrylanytril Butadiene Styrene). The acrylic portion of the product, the DR is the top 10% of the sheet. It is pigmented a solid color then modified for a high-impact surface. The ABS is the bottom 90% of the sheet. Like the DR, it is also pigmented. ABS is used because it is rigid, yet capable of flexibility.

Using a process called co-extrusion, a single sheet is manufactured by combining both materials simultaneously. It is not like laminating, which is heat-bonding two pieces together. Laminated goods may separate or peel especially in the hot humidity found in the bathroom. With different length capacity, assorted solid colors, and the variety of molds ready at the manufacturing facility, there are thousands of tubs styles available. Every tubliner has an NAHB approved, integral slip-resistant bottom.

Here are a few examples of start to finish projects.

With its durable surface, DR/ABS will not chip, crack, scratch easily or peel. It is also easy to clean; with proper care, it will retain its gloss for many years. DR/ABS is a non-organic compound and is not affected by most acidic drain cleaners. A list of recommended cleansers can be found on this web-site. If improper cleansers are used, damage can occur and void the manufacturer's warranty. Keep in mind, the less effort expended on scrubbing the bath area, the better the DR/ABS acrylic will look!

To the majority of homeowners, the idea of covering the tub up rather than throwing it away and starting over makes sense on a number of levels:

  • It's faster and more efficient
  • It's much less disruptive
  • It's cheaper
  • It's environmentally friendly- we're not cramming overloaded landfills with bulky, corroded bathtubs.

Factory-Trained Fusion Installation Means that your new bath system will be water-tight and sturdy for a lifetime

  • We clean, grind and prime all surfaces for a permanent adhesion
  • We use permanently flexible butyl tape and silicone adhesives so that the system expands and contracts with the house throughout the seasons.
  • We construct triple-lock seals in all corners — utilizing corner reinforcements and silicone sealant
  • We heat and form the drain area to relieve any stress on the acrylic
  • Our liners are an exact fit of your existing tub, except like new

In summary, this is a win-win product and LDI provides a very high quality product. At .270, it is the thickest tubliner material available. The basis for pre-installation measurements, shipping in modules (or pieces) which conform to exact measurements, and doing a professional installation makes imminent sense. These procedures work because:

  • The molds at the factory really do conform to the requirements of each customer
  • Our acrylic material really is mildew resistant and so easy to maintain
  • The adhesive seal during installation really is airtight and waterproof, when done correctly.
  • The silicone used really is mildew-resistant and won't stain if cleaned regularly, and won't crack or corrode like traditional latex caulks.

Additional Acrylic Features

Tub To Shower Conversions For Safety And Convenience


Acrylic Beaded Wainscoting

  • Offers the same water protection and cleaning benefits as in the bathing area
  • Installed up to 48 inches high
  • Comes in 8 foot lengths
  • Includes baseboard, decorative corner and seam available

Patented Window Kit

  • Works with any type of window up to 50” by 50”
  • Provides a water-tight seal.

U.S. Reg. Pat#6,305,132B1

Enhance Shower Safety

Who should have acrylic?

  • Single family homes: the time not needed to scrub away lime stains or re-grout speaks for itself. Also, the acrylic will not harbor mold- a terrible health allergy for children which gets worse (not better!) with time.
  • Empty-nesters: now that the kids are gone, it's your turn for a beautiful, timeless bath that will remain clean while you're off to Arizona or Aruba.
  • Neighborhoods 8 years or older: most of these homes have bathrooms in pretty good shape, they're just not pretty. Don't wait for the bathroom to be condemned before you do a facelift!
  • Homes with pets: (especially dogs) Acrylic can take a beating so don't worry about tossing Prince into the tub for a shower!

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