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Bathroom Remodeling that will make all who enter say WOW!

BATH MAX USA will revitalize your bathroom giving it the Wow Factor for everyone who enters.
BATH MAX USA offers a variety of products for making this happen.

Upgrading the shower, or that old cast-iron tub, sounds great, but will cost substantially more and take about a week to complete. The bath system is usually installed in a home as it's being framed. That means you must use an invasive process by ripping into walls to remove existing showers or tubs to put in a replacement.  

Three solutions exist to make this process cost effective and less invasive. The first solution is to use our Acrylic product solutions to reline the existing fixtures. Modifications may be made to the existing tub prior to installing the acrylic liner.  The second solution is to have BATH MAX USA Resurface your existing fixtures.  The third solution is Repairing the existing surface.

Regardless of which solution you choose, take this time to also upgrade the other pieces in your bathroom.  BATH MAX USA will install the fixtures that you purchase from one of the many fine plumbing supply sources.  We will assist you in choosing these items including measuring, assisting with color matching, and source selection.  Just have the items delivered to your door and BATH MAX USA will un-box and install them.

BATH MAX USA solutions go beyond the bathroom. BATH MAX USA can take virtually any surface and change it from doom and gloom to Wow!

BATH MAX USA comes to your house or business.  A complete evaluation of you project is done.  You are then presented with solutions that give your project that Wow Factor!

BATH MAX USA has been deliver WOW to homes aound the Quad Cities since 1996. Have BATH MAX USA deliver WOW to your home!

Call BATH MAX USA Today 309-764-6743 to set your appointment today!
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